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The Sidi Order


            The Sidi Order is open all races/classes who have the boldness to dare, and the discipline to achieve.  To be a Sidi is to live at all times in a state of “directed passion”.  A Sidi summons all of his/her beliefs, all of his/her emotions, to empower the self; then guides this tremendous power with an iron will, a tremendously disciplined mind, to achieve the absolute maximum effect in every endeavor.

Welcome to the home of the Sidi Order.  Meditate on our ways and begin your journey.


Stop applying to this site

Aan Lyeis, Dec 16, 12 1:59 AM.
As per the guild message of the day, the SWTOR Sidi site is Apply to that site not this one <waves hand> This is not the site you are looking for.

New Sidi Site

Aan Lyeis, Dec 6, 12 10:33 PM.
Please register on the site is affiliated with SWTOR, where this one is SWG.  The new site is under construction so bear with us, but the information coming soon will be relevant to the Sidi origin story.  Looking forward to learning to walk the beam with you.
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Aan Lyeis
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Aranar' (Aranar Lucid)
Mandalorian Sidi
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